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Things you need to know about Diamond Cuts

Are you planning to buy diamond jewelry to add to your collection? If yes, there are some important things that you need to know about diamonds.  A diamond cut is an important factor to consider when you plan to buy diamonds. There are four Cs and Cut is one of them.

The cut of a diamond does not refer to its shape. It describes a different quality of the diamond. It helps you to determine how a diamond was treated when it was given a particular form.  A diamond with a poor cut will not shine properly and it will lose its brilliance. You should read more at official review to know everything about diamond cuts.  There are different types of diamond cuts and you can choose the cut depending on your style, budget, and needs.

Why is it important to know about the diamond cuts?

The different diamond cuts reflect and refract light in a different manner. There are some cuts that are more popular than the other.  The diamond cut influences the fire, sparkle, and brilliance of the diamond. The cut refers to the proportions of the diamond such as how the angles and facets of the diamond-related to each other, its symmetry, and polish.

The craftsman is responsible for making a suitable cut of a diamond. He is the one who formulates the best way to give a proper shape, facet, and polish of the diamond to enhance its brilliance and beauty. The cut of a diamond can be graded on the basis of the following points:

Brilliance: It refers to the amount of white light that is reflected from the surface and inside the diamond.

Fire: It is also known as the dispersion of light. It refers to the scattering of light through the diamond to create a rainbow of light.

Scintillation: This refers to the flashes of light that can be seen when you move the diamond. It is also known as sparkle.

If the diamond has an ideal cut, it means that the angles and proportions of the diamond have been cut to give the best sparkle, fire, and brilliance of the diamond.

The different grades of the diamond cuts

You should know about the different grades of the diamond cuts and should only buy the diamond graded by GIA or AGS. Certificates given by the other grading companies are not reliable and accurate.

You should choose a GIA “Excellent” or an AGS “Ideal” diamond cut. You can also choose “Very Good” for GIA diamonds and “Excellent” for AGS. This will help you to save some money.

You can differentiate between the different grades of diamond cuts just by looking at them.

  • A diamond with an “Excellent” cut grade will exhibit optimal fire and brilliance. It means all light will get reflected by the diamond to the viewer’s eye.
  • A diamond with the “Very Good” cut grade will show an asymmetrical pattern of light when seen from the top-down. It will also not shine properly.

  • A diamond with the “Good” cut grade will not reflect light because their fire, brilliance, and scintillation will not correspond to each other.

  • A diamond with the “Fair” cut grade will not retain the light entering it, so it will look dull.

  • A diamond with the “Poor” cut grade will look dull and it is not worth spending money on such a diamond.

Thus, you should have proper knowledge about the cuts and their importance so that you can buy a good quality of a diamond.