The Best Reception Decor Ideas Everyone Would Love

Wedding is one of the best events of every man and woman because they have mixed feelings that day. The friends and family gathered at this special event pamper the bride and groom and make sure that the couple live the best day of life. The big day should be full of delights and tears, but only of happiness. With the best costumes and great food, one more thing is essential to make the reception beautiful which is the decoration. Sometimes the decoration and its expense exceeds the limit of your budget but you do not need to get dishearten by this reason. There is a number of in-budget decoration tips which you can use to create fascinating magic at your reception party. So let’s head towards some very impressive reception decoration ideas.



  • Graceful Lighting


Add soft and beautiful lights at each table at your wedding reception and you can enlighten each corner with beautiful candles. Different candles come in very elegant shapes and colors which would look very lovely over everywhere. This idea is quite affordable, yet adds an impression on everyone attending your wedding reception party. This tip is an example of how the charm of simplicity really takes over even the expensive stuff.



  • Venue


The venue where you are going to conduct your wedding reception party has a lot of influence on the presentation of the event. Choose the venue very carefully because a good one would have best wall paint, the curtains, chandeliers and marble floors. When you choose such a classic venue, more than half of the job gets done already. A good venue does not require more decoration or any other accessories to make it beautiful. As we know that the tables are already decorated with flowers and candles, everything is enlightened and a little bit more decoration of your choice saves money and time, so the venue is everything to be conscious about while rest would be handled by the management.



  • Hanging Flower Pots and Paper Lanterns


The chandeliers adds glowing effect to the event but have you ever thought how much hanging flower pots could do? Especially at the open roofs and day time wedding reception parties, the pots full of colorful flowers hung by the ceiling look very elegant and amazing. Not only flowers but we all know how much people love sky lanterns. Well, there is a unique idea where you can hang paper lanterns on the roof. You may use different colored paper lanterns to light up the dreamy world of your wedding reception. The colorful lanterns not only decorate the ceilings but also seem to make your reception party look like a fairytale.



  • Chalkboards


Place the chalkboards at the entrance of the reception party because it is a very cool trend at wedding parties. Write something on it either to welcome the guests or whatever you love, decorate the board with flowers and leaves and paint its edges in beautiful colors to make it more charming.



  • DIY Decoration


It sounds very different but very cute at the same time. Why not use DIY for your own reception party? No doubt it is one of the very innovative idea to decorate your wedding reception party with DIY arts and crafts. You just need few colorful papers, wire and thread to make beautiful little creatures, flowers and starts of those papers. You may keep those flowers in those flower vase and hang those little paper crafts with the ceiling. All these things can be pasted on the walls too.


Nobody should ever compromise on the decoration of their wedding or reception party because these are such events which remain in the memories forever in the form of pictures. If you can’t afford much, it does not matter. You just have to be wise and think what you can do within the budget. Not always expensive stuff creates magic but simplicity can do it too. It is good to approach the professional decoration companies and choose your favorite package for making your wedding, reception glorious and mesmerizing which everybody remember till the decades.