Qualities of a Good Diamond

Diamond in mixed fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Buying pieces of diamond jewelry require caution. Gifting a diamond ring which is made of fake diamond, to someone, can have damaging consequences later on.

How do you detect whether the diamond ring which you are buying is fake or real? It is not as challenging as it appears, though. Have these characteristics in mind before visiting that diamond ring shop (ร้าน แหวน เพชร แท้, which is the term Thai):


The hardness of diamond makes it resist a substantial impact without shattering. To check the piece of diamond in the ring you are purchasing, drop it, and observe whether it breaks into pieces or not. Realize that you are having a fake piece if it breaks.

 The Difference in Colors

 Rarest diamonds generally have one out of these three colors: blue, pink, or yellow. If you’re buying a rare diamond of a color other than these three, endeavor to ask for an explanation for the same from the jeweler.

Real Diamond can Scratch Anything

 Because diamonds are hard, they tend to scratch anything without any massive damage to their surface. Before purchasing a diamond ring, try to scrape the diamond on a glass surface and observe if or not it makes a scratch. If it doesn’t break even after making a scratch mark on the glass surface, then the piece is authentic.

Cannot be Seen Through

 You can’t see through a piece of diamond. Place a piece of printed paper, and see whether or not you can read the printed words from the other side to ensure the authenticity of your diamond.

Grey Shade

 One of the features of a genuine diamond is that it reflects light with grey tones. If it reflects a shade of any other color, it shows that the diamond in question may be a fake one.

A Bad Conductor of heat

 Just like other non-metals, diamonds are also bad conductors of heat. If you heat up the piece of diamond, you could decide on whether your piece is fake or real depending upon whether you feel hot after heating it, or not.