Great Things to Do at Lake Toba

Wonderful Indonesia

Lake Toba has a spectacular landscape and various spots to see and discover. While you are in there, you can try to do some of these activities at Lake Toba.

1 | Seeing the Gorgeous Bakara Valley

From west to east, the Magnificent Bakara Valley stretches along the southern shores of Lake Toba, taking the shape of a bowl. Easily reached by DolokSanggul, here the two swift-running yet shallow rivers course through the valley, pouring out into a lake. The rivers called AekSilang and AekSimangira, both cascade from high cliffs. From a vantage point admire that the gorgeous scenic view both the valley and the lake: a genuinely thrilling experience.

2 | Getting drenched in The BinangaJanji Waterfall

Nestled among villages surrounding The Bakara Valley, sits among the most spectacular sights that nature has to offer as you discover the DolokSanggul-BinangaJanji Waterfall. Janji is one of the most beautiful waterfalls across Lake Toba, located by the village of Tipang. The rush of water gurgling and splashing over stones will fill your ears. This 20-meter high waterfall proceeds to impress even seen during the dry season.

3 | Sipping the Original Lintong Coffee

To keep you alert and active when exploring Lake Toba is a fantastic cup of coffee. The island of Sumatra, and in particular North Sumatra, is famous for several delicious java, namely the Sidikalang Coffee, Mandailing Coffee, and Lintong Coffee. LintongNihota, which forms a portion of the HumbangHasundutan Regency, is a small town that has become synonymous with the whole southern part of Lake Toba area and so, the majority of the coffee from the south of shores is sold bearing its title. Sumatra’s unique Lintong coffee flavor gains much of its distinctive character from its own processing procedures, which involves a partial set-process followed closely by a three-stage drying cycle which “cures” the unroasted beans. This processing strategy creates an earthy odor with a balance of sweet and bittersweet taste that’s so unique to Lintong java.

4 | Trying Exotic Food

Traditional Toba cuisine is predominately made up of Freshwater fish which live in rivers or at Lake Toba, while a favorite dish that’s thought to be a must to try is Your Spicy Hot Pickled Grass Carp. The dish is comprised of a fermented fish product accessible in the Batak neighborhood called Naniura (meaning uncooked fish). The processing system of Naniura starts with eviscerating then washing the new fish. The fish that is cooked is thoroughly soaked in lemon juice (as jungga), then blended with condiments that have onions, garlic, ginger, and galangal. The fermentation process takes approximately 1-4 hours. Traditionally, the Naniura was created from the increasingly rare fish (Neolissochilusthienemanni), a species found exclusively in Lake Toba. These days, frequent Carp is utilized instead. Once solely served to the King, it’s now a typical meal served at most traditional occasions.

DolokSanggul is definitely worth your trip. The Amazing sceneries require your attention as well as its own breathtaking character that will leave you searching for words. DolokSanggul is your best option to enjoy the very best views of Lake Toba. The place is less crowded but is still close enough to visit Samosir Island, the core of the Batak culture and traditions. Spending Time here trekking around the area or lazing around just doing nothing From the beautiful cold weather while snuggling till a lovely perspective, this the type of Tranquility which you will find at DolokSanggul.