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Essential Things about Buying Lace Dresses You Wish You had Known before Prom

Prom night marks a significant moment in every person’s life. For the girls, it is a way to indicate their transition from girlhood to womanhood. Needless to say, it is time to bid adieu to the teenage clothes and embrace something mature.

Every adult wardrobe has one lace dress and prom is the appropriate time to get one. Lace has been used for embellishment for several decades in the fashion industry. The material brings the right amount of fun and elegance in your outfit. You can look flaunt your naughty and sophisticated side at the same time.

However, if it is your first lace dress shopping, you are naturally clueless. It becomes hard to choose the suitable fabric because there is a wide variety of the lace fabric like Chantilly, Guipure, and Brussels. The lace prom dresses can make you simply ravishing overnight and here’s what you need to know before shopping.

 Brussels Lace

This is one of the vintage and popular lace fabrics attached to the dress with pins. Mainly used for the traditional bridal party, Brussels lace is trending in prom collection. The needlework is very delicate because artisans weave in a dark room due to the fear of making the threads brittle.

Your only reason to choose a Brussels lace dress is the detailed floral design. The unique design is attractive and always coordinates with the background well. Designers place the lacework around the bust or back for incorporating with the dress pattern.

Guipure Lace

There is a wide variation of guipure lace works – classic guipure, knitted guipure, grid, metallic stretch guipure, and leather guipure are only few to name. Designers use different techniques to carry out the production. Spinning machines, etching, and pulling out are used on polyester, cotton, flax, viscose, cotton, and silk.

You can easily find this elegant fabric on the cocktail and prom dresses and this type is very popular for being durable. Many floor-length mermaid dresses are now tailored with the guipure lace featuring on the back.

Chantilly Lace

Popular for the outlined and ground pattern improved with intricate work, Chantilly lace is made of silk. Generally, black fabric is used; this lace accentuates the elegance of any black dress. There is no visible seam but it gives out fine background.

If you are choosing a linen prom dress, choose this silky lacework. The abundance of floral details and motifs shows off a royal vibe. Dutch braid with a topknot can transform you into timeless beauty. Save the dress for future because sophistication oozes out of the lace fabric.

Things to Keep in Mind

A lace dress is all about quality; and handmade lacework enhances the level of exquisiteness. Even if a very small amount of lacework is present, make sure it exudes sheer elegance. However, the risk of damaging lace dress is always high and it is essential to take extra care while storing it. If you are putting on a swanky neckpiece, always try to save the dress from its sharp edges. For storing, lay it flat and keep it in your closet without folding.

You can also browse through the collection of sequin bridesmaid dresses and pick out the one which is flaunting the beautiful duo of lace and sequins.

Author Bio: Anastasia Graham, a fashion blogger with different write-ups on sequin bridesmaid dresses, here writes on several types of lace fabrics that you should consider instead of choosing among the lace prom dresses haphazardly.