Biggest Wedding Expenses Every Couple Needs To Prepare For

Planning and budgeting to make a dream wedding come to life is a daunting task for soon to be married couples. The special day is a time for two people to honor their commitment to each other with their family and friends joining in the celebrations. Big weddings require a lot of attention to detail during the planning process until the day of the wedding arrives. But long before even booking the wedding vendors it is best to set aside a budget for the following major expenses:

#1: The Venue

The first thing on the list of many couples is finding the perfect venue for their wedding. Some couples already have a specific place in mind, but the venue can be out of the budget or will not be available on the day. Planning a wedding as early as possible can help reduce the cost of the venue, but setting a maximum limit for the location is the best way to ensure you stay within your budget, no matter what.

Even if your dream venue isn’t available, exploring more affordable options won’t be too bad. The day is about who you’re marrying, not where you’re getting married.

#2: Professional Catering

Once the date and venue of the nuptials are booked and secured, it is time to start looking for the best catering Hanover PA service providers. Choose a wedding caterer Hanover PA that is known for their affordable prices, their passion for food, and their excellent service. Be extra detailed when talking about your dream wedding menu before and during the taste test so that the catering company can help you serve food that is up to your standards.

Don’t forget to ask the caterer Hanover PA about the inclusions in the services the catering company provides. Never assume that a wait staff is included in the price or you might find yourself serving your own guests in your wedding dress.

#3: The Cost Of Drinks

No wedding is complete without the wedding toast, which means some type of alcoholic beverage is expected during the reception. When speaking to your top catering Hanover PA company ask about their bar and drink services. Most wedding packages already include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in their quoted price, but that is not a guarantee.

An open bar will make the guests happy, but it will take a significant chunk out of your budget so it is worth debating whether or not it is worth the price tag. Some couples can ask their guests to bring their own booze, but it can be subject to a corkage fee, which will come out of your wedding budget as well.

#4: The Wedding Dress

Some brides are fine with an affordable rented dress, but that is a very rare case. Many brides want their big day to be extra special which means splurging on a one-of-a-kind magical wedding dress. Make sure to have a budget for a wedding dress because these do not come cheap!

Setting a budget is the first step in planning a wedding. Sit down with your future spouse and plan the expense thoroughly so that you know what factors are worth prioritizing and which ones are not.

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