A Quick Guide to Choosing a Wedding Ring


While you’re planning your wedding, you’ve probably got a very long checklist with different tasks and things to do before the big day, from sending out ‘Save the Dates’ to choosing the song for your first dance. One of the particularly important tasks on that list should be picking out your wedding rings. So, if you’re planning your big day, we’re here to help with that particular task on your list so you can tick it off and get that little bit closer to your dream day.

When to Pick Out Your Rings


One of the most surprising things about wedding planning is just how long everything takes and how early you need to get certain things sorted. The wedding rings are no exception to this and should be bought well in advance. Some jewellers advise shopping for the rings as early as six months before the wedding, ensuring you have plenty of time if they are being made bespoke or you are having them engraved.

Keep a Budget in Mind


It’s important to have a budget in mind before you start shopping for your wedding rings. It’s no good finding a ring you love, only to find out that you can’t afford it. Bridebook suggests spending £900 on the wedding rings when the whole wedding budget is £27,000. That means that the rings account for just over 3% of the whole budget.

Choose a Style That Suits You


Gone are the days of wedding rings only coming as wide, plain gold bands. These days you can find wedding ring styles to suit anyone, so make sure to choose a ring that suits you and your lifestyle. You should also think about your lifestyle and choose a ring which suits it. If you are particularly active, it may be wise to get a ring shape that sits flat to the finger and is plain in design. If you don’t have an active lifestyle, you can explore more decorative styles which could include stones and different shapes, such as this floral band from H.Hogarth Jewellers.

Try Out Different Styles


You might have a particular ring style in mind, but when you visit the store, it’s a great opportunity to try out different ring styles that you might not have thought of yet. If you’ve been thinking of getting a plain and simple gold band, why not try out something a little more ornate? Who knows, you might end up choosing something you would have never thought you would.

Don’t be Tied to Your Partners Choice


Just because your partner wants a yellow gold band doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit. In fact, you could choose completely different rings if you want to. It’s likely that you’ll have different tastes and styles, so don’t feel like you have to choose something you don’t love just so your rings match.

Shopping for the wedding rings is another exciting part of wedding planning, and when you use these tips, you can make it that little bit easier!