7 Ways to Take Your Wedding From Pretty to Fabulously Picturesque

Most brides would want a picture-perfect wedding – very soft and feminine because they’re qualities that Instagram wedding posts are usually made of.

But you can take things up a notch and make every aspect of your special day impressively picturesque. It’s all about planning and accurate execution. For this, you need a topnotch wedding team assisting you every step of the way.

Here are some ideas to work with to take your wedding from simply pretty to full-on visually delightful.

1. Have a very specific theme

There’s nothing that can direct a wedding on the right path like a specific theme. With a clear thematic vision, everything will come together really nicely so that when pictures come out, everybody will immediately get the feel and look that you’re going for.

In addition, when there’s a theme, your guests will know what look to go for in order to blend beautifully with the occasion. They don’t have to guess what could work in terms of what outfit to wear. By establishing a wedding theme, you’ll have everybody doing their bit toward the vision you have for the day.

2. Compile a collection of images that you want to recreate

Go on Instagram and Pinterest to see some of the most gorgeous wedding pictures and take inspiration from them. Show them all to your photographers to provide them a solid idea on how to approach picture taking for your wedding. This way, they’ll be able to bring the right equipment and accessories to ensure the look and quality of the images you want.

3. Pick the ideal time of the day for the event

You’ll achieve the right ambiance for your wedding by picking the right time of the day for it. If you want a bright-lit wedding, you can really take advantage of natural lighting if you have it in the morning. If you want a warm and romantic setting, late afternoon or early evening is a good choice.

It’s important to make a decision about this right away for venue booking. This way, appropriate changes can be made if the venue cannot accommodate you on the date or time that you want.

4. Use more lighting

Everything from luminaries to sparkly lights has the ability to create a dream-like effect to the event. Another advantage to more lighting is lighting equipment can be controlled strategically to make artistic photographs.

5. Make sure to play your type of music

When the ceremony is over, make sure that your type of music continues to be played softly in the background.

Although music is not something people see, it’s something that will affect their behavior greatly. Music can also lighten the atmosphere. People feel more comfortable with music, and the program will flow through nicely when there’s something rhythmic in the background.

6. Go all out on the décor

You want every corner of the venue to look picture-perfect and the best way to do this is to completely deck out when it comes to the decorations.

Pay attention to the little details because they tend to create a huge impact on the overall appearance of your wedding venue. It’s worth noting, too, that it’s usually the small details that photographers frequently take pictures of.

Make sure that your décor help tie the various components of the event together. Make them symbolic or meaningful as well.

7. Create precious moments

Plan your wedding program carefully to make every moment count. Integrate various activities that naturally have an emotional impact, such as serenades, dances, fireworks display, and even games.

When you design your program to ensure a pleasant experience for you and your spouse-to-be, as well as all of your guests, your photographers won’t have a difficult time capturing beautiful yet natural moments throughout the event for you to look back on fondly.

Walk down the aisle on your dream wedding

Making your wedding the complete realization of your vision will definitely take a lot of work, so, plan thoroughly – this is all it usually takes to make such an important occasion the success that you want it to be.


Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha’s idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there are over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team.