5 Reasons for asking Money for Wedding Presents 

Whenever anyone sends wedding invitations Houston, the guests usually appear with a gift for the newlyweds. Previously, it was a tradition to give away an envelope with money for the bridal purse. With time, people started bringing presents containing different useful things for the couple who are about to start a new life. These days, many couples opt for bridal registries through various websites. Here, they make a list of things they need for starting a new life. Depending on the budget and liking, the guests get them brought the gift. In the midst of so many options, many couples prefer receiving money from the guests instead of the wedding presents.

If you’re feeling shy to ask for money instead of gifts on your wedding, check out some reasons for asking money instead of making a mountain of unwanted presents in your wedding—

You can cover the wedding cost

By gathering the gifted money, you and your spouse can cover the majority of the wedding expenditure. When you have invested your hard earned money for planning the auspicious event; recovering a huge sum of it can give you immense joy.

The money will cover your honeymoon

You can go for a honeymoon to whichever place you want. If you’re in the US and always wanted to spend a romantic honeymoon in Paris or Italy or Greece, you can easily consider visiting the place, without touching your savings.

You may need the money for buying a house

If you and your spouse have plans to buy a new house or an apartment, the money collected at the wedding will be helpful to support that venture.

Use the money in buying useful things for the home

It’s the time when you are about to start a new home and a new life when you can expect huge expenses. If the spent money at the wedding is recovered like that, you and your partner will be relaxed.

Buy anything of your choice or make savings

If you have the money, you can shop anything of your choice to decorate your new home. Maybe you need new appliances or new curtains. If you’ve got no such expense to make, then save the money for future use. You always need money for anything you have to do.

So, these are a few reasons why asking for money at the wedding is more lucrative.